Universal System

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Regularly use or remove the existing curb on the inside of your track? Then the Universal system is the ideal wavelight solution. The universal wavelight system is quick to install and clear away. Lamps are supplied wired in strings of 25 meters. You easily slide the lights under the existing curb. Perfect if you occasionally want to use the wavelight for competitions or events. 400 Multi-colored lights indicate the ideal pace, which is perfectly visible to athlete and coach from both sides of the track thanks to the two sided lamps. The brightness automatically adjusts to the amount of light during the day, so always optimal brightness and visibility even in sunny conditions. Recreationalists, youth and competition athletes, with the trainingtool software everyone can experience the benefits of the wavelight at the same time.

The universal Wavelight system is quickly installed and removed.

System characteristics

400 multicolor 2 sided LED lights
Pop-up system
Fits all type of curbs (except the ACO curb)
Easy to install and clear away
Junctions and mounting material
The system can be made to fit with underpasses for runways and steeplechase
Delivered in high quality mobile cases

Training tool characteristics

Web-based trainingtool software
5 starting points
4 different training sessions simultaneously
Pacing mode
Suitable for: interval training, steady runs, progressive/degressive runs
Wireless software connection (optional)